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Your donation makes possible our FIGHT AGAINST ANTISEMITISM AND ANTI-ZIONISM, AND OUR SUPPORT FOR ISRAEL. Fighting antisemitism is a fight against racism, bigotry and terror. Our work is non-denominational, non-partisan and IS ESSENTIAL!

The CANADIAN ANTISEMITISM EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION (CAEF), previously operating as Speakers Action Group, sponsors world class experts on The New and Rising Tide of Antisemitism, the Middle East Conflict, Israel’s Legal Rights, International Criminal Law, Bias in the Media, The Balfour Declaration, Motion M-103 and Islamophobia Claims, Freedom from Political Correctness, Brexit and much more.

Our current major focus is on the dangers of antisemitism which masquerades as anti-Zionism, Jewish Rights to the Land of Israel and Debunking the Lie of Occupation. The organization Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights (CILR) now operates under the umbrella of CAEF so we can enhance our mutual goals.

CAEF is educating the Canadian public and institutions on the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of antisemitism and its principles, the adoption of which is a cornerstone to fighting antisemitism and anti-Israel bigotry. We will build a network of faculty, students and administrators to support the adoption of IHRA at universities and colleges across Canada.

CAEF partners with Jewish and non-Jewish organizations in delivering programs to professional organizations, community and service organizations, and faith communities.

Our informative CAEF Bulletin addresses serious issues and alerts the community to  matters of antisemitism and discrimination, and encourages action. Our goal is also to inform the community about important events that CAEF sponsors.

We are happy to advise that our Website ( is being redesigned and will relaunch with new and improved functionality.

Our upcoming programs include a celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the historic 1920 San Remo Conference at which the Allied Powers voted to reconstitute the Jewish homeland in Israel.

Support of CAEF will enable us to continue to bring experts in various fields to Canada, to promote interfaith understanding, educate young and old on the truth about Israel and the dangers of antisemitism, and create meaningful opportunities for promoting our Canadian values of free speech and and free expression, not hate speech.

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